What would you do with an extra income of up to $50,000 a year from your own part-time business? We show you how to start your own work-at-home business for an average of just $200 total start up cost and work just 2- 3 hours a day. Our book is the best $20 you can invest. Period.

Make great money working part time (from anywhere) by blogging for SEO companies.



Our story is simple. Two guys, with no website or blogging experience, created a blog called zenruption.com, in order to publish opinions and helpful articles. Along the way they stumbled into an upcoming industry and started getting paid to post content for SEO companies.

After 14 months of learning we are now instructing others how to position themselves to do the same. A little bit of work and a small investment can create weekly revenue through your own blog. The time commitment is minimal and the return can be really good.

For those with a little extra time and want to own their own business, this is a great opportunity. You don't have  to be an expert if you just Do What We Did.

In Do What We Did, we walk you through:
  • Establishing your business entity for under a couple hundred dollars total.

  • Initial website considerations and design (you don't have to be anything even close to a pro).

  • Social media use.

  • Constant growth to your site's domain authority.

  • Terminology.

  • How to respond to the SEO's that approach you.

  • Growing your audience.

  • Helpful resources to use.

  • Keeping total costs under 1 percent.

               and much more...​

"Jerry and Brian helped me set up my own blogging business and it has been a huge help for my family. The extra income has made life much easier."


-Alicia - Boise


"My site was just started a few months ago and already I am getting offers from SEO companies. Having this extra income is a huge blessing."

-Josh W. - Salt Lake City

"It has been easy to get started by using the starter package. SEO companies are now paying me daily and I am very happy with the results."

-Kristin F. - Seattle

Do What We Did is also available for purchase right from your mobile device on Amazon.com